About WT Lamb Holdings

A long established family owned business

Since our foundation in 1901, we have bought, sold, managed, developed and redeveloped properties in the South East, transforming former brickmaking sites and quarries into thriving industrial and residential developments.

Our services to the building industry have been expanded by operating one of the last sandstone quarries in South East England, and the provision of inert landfill and aggregate recycling.

Our Approach

Having operated businesses and owned land in communities in Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire for decades, we consider ourselves a part of these communities with a valuable contribution to make to their sustainable development.

Part of this contribution is finding ways to redevelop our brownfield sites so that they benefit those in the community, whether by creating local jobs, supporting the needs of older adults, or creating much-needed housing.

By ensuring these sites are prepared for redevelopment we make them viable and attractive alternatives to greenfield sites, which in turns helps to preserve green spaces in and around these communities.

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The Founder
W T Lamb

Winston Churchill
Laying Lambs Bricks At Chartwell

Our History

WT Lamb Holdings Ltd can trace its origins back to London at the end of the Victorian era. In 1901 William Tribe Lamb founded a merchant business operating from Chelsea Basin and Rotherhithe in east London. The company dealt in building materials such as bricks, cement and lime, which were transported initially by barge to the depots.

Over the years the family business developed and grew to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialist bricks, arches, terracotta and stone. In doing so, we bought land across Kent, Sussex and Surrey. These sites were used for manufacturing the building materials, or for the extraction of gravel, clay and brick earth.

As these manufacturing sites came to the end of their working life, we redeveloped some of them into industrial and residential properties.

This is the basis of our diverse portfolio of properties across the South of England, which now includes several industrial estates which were former brickworks.

Some of these sites have been sold and have become high-profile developments, including land at Gatwick Airport, and our former brickworks at Folkestone now the entrance to the Channel Tunnel.